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Self-cleaning color corrugated steel sheet  


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29/05/2019 9:43 am  

Self-cleaning color corrugated steel sheet(HPC) with the latest European research and development of the special resin paint, coupled with high corrosion resistant PU primer, not only have the functions of its clean, paint is also the best weather resistance, can be used in resistance to dust and high weatherability of environment, make this kind of coating system, both resistance to dust and the decontamination capability, and can maintain the life of the durability.

Because of the dust-resistant steel use paint to add additives, surface tension to the surface of high quality color corrugated steel sheet paint form dense tissue, superfine wool stoma in addition to block the dust adhesion, is also water repellency make outside water or rain to form water, the wind blowing or remain glossy surface after the rains washed out, achieve their own clean function.

Applicable to industrial development zones with moderate pollution or buildings with severe dust pollution or dry deserts and professional workshops of various kinds of powders, etc., or buildings with roofs and exterior wall panels of various kinds of buildings requiring durable appearance color, such as building drapes or airport buildings, or sandwich boards (or composite boards) for indoor compartments.


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