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Rust Resistance of GI Steel Coils  


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09/05/2019 4:47 am  

If you want to know GI steel coil with spangles factory price for free and how to choose GI coil products, then you can choose to buy a company with a good reputation. You can tell us what we need, we can provide professional advice and advice to facilitate the purchase of materials that meet your needs and avoid waste. Generally, materials commonly used in the market are classified according to the amount of galvanizing, and the corresponding materials should be selected according to actual conditions.

GI steel coil with spangles made in china is widely used in many industries. The reason for galvanizing is to improve the finished product by giving the material excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Comprehensive performance and long service life can be adapted to a variety of different environments.

GI coils are also classified as cold or hot rolled in the same manner as other steels. In terms of price, cold rolling costs are lower and the price is lower, but if the performance is higher, the rust resistance is poor. Choose hot rolled material. Although the price is relatively high, the performance is good and the quality is stable. For production and production, the finished galvanized steel coil is also reliable in quality and long in service life. This is because the hot dip plating method is complicated, there are physical changes and chemical changes in the engineering, the coating texture is uniform and stable, so the adhesion is also strong, and it is easy to fall off without cold rolling, and the material itself has high toughness and strength. It is not easy to break during processing and reduces material loss.


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