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Matters Needing Attention When Using PPGI Sheet  


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06/06/2019 8:57 am  

China PPGI corrugated roofing sheet factory said that PPGI roofing sheet in the use of paint should be paid attention to
1. Primer - epoxy primer (amino cross-linked, polyurethane cross-linked, epoxy phosphate ester); Modified epoxy primer (polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, etc.); Polyester primer (amino crosslinked, polyurethane crosslinked); Water-based primer (water based electrophoretic paint, acrylic latex primer).

2. Back paint - epoxy type (same as epoxy type primer); Polyester type (amino polyester, epoxy modified polyester); Amino alkyd type; Polyurethane.

3. Top paint vinyl type coil top paint; Plastisol and organosol (polyvinyl chloride); Polyester (amino type can be divided into flexible 0 ~ 1T and rigid 2 ~ 3T, polyurethane type can be divided into TDI type and HDI type); Silicon modified polyester (hot spell: organic silicon content of 25% ~ 50%; Cold spell: organic silicon content less than 30%); Acrylic acid (thermosetting, solvent based on alkylated methoxylacrylate copolymer resin prepared by the self-crosslinking coating, used for pretreatment of aluminum, no primer required; Water-based acrylic paint with amino resin as crosslinking agent. Weldable type (water-borne baking paint made of zinc powder, chromic acid, zinc powder and other chemical crystals without resin, or weldable zinc-rich paint with a large number of fine particles of zinc powder based on linear epoxy resin); Fluorocarbon resin (the main variety is a dispersion coating mainly made of polyvinylidene fluoride resin, the content of fluorocarbon resin accounts for at least 70% of the total resin content, its solid content accounts for at least 40% of the total solid content, the other components are acrylic resin.


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