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High Standard Construction of Geotextile  


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22/02/2019 3:33 am  

The long fibre filament needle punched geotextile in stock produced by geotextile manufacturers have certain technical requirements during construction. Only when certain requirements are met can the construction be carried out smoothly. What are the main technical requirements for filament geotextiles? 

The geotextile manufacturers will explain in detail to everyone: the base surface of the filament geotextile must be cleaned according to the design requirements during construction. This is the key to ensure the anti-seepage effect. In addition, the base surface is not allowed to have local unevenness. The base surface should be tightened with a tamper or a seesaw to make it compact. 


When laying a filament geotextile, the long fibre filament needle punched geotextile in stock must be laid from the bottom up. The filament geotextiles and the film and the base surface should be flattened tightly, but it is not appropriate to make the geotechnical brazzle too tight. Generally, it should be slightly looser, because the filament geotextile is thin and light, after paving, Before the protective layer is laid, it is easy to be blown by the wind, so the laying area should not be large, and it is best to cover the protective layer of earth material. Of course, the construction size of the filament geotextile can be customized according to the needs of different customers. However, when the puncture or tear of the long fibre filament needle punched geotextile in stock is found, it must be pasted with the geotextile glue of three times the damaged area.


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