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Foam color steel plate fire hazard  


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29/03/2019 7:37 am  

1. High temperature smoke accumulation, fire fighting is difficult. The China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil plate structure is relatively closed, and the polymer sandwich material such as polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam will generate a large amount of high-temperature smoke during burning, which will make the building full of smoke and accumulate a large amount of heat in a short time, which will bring a great deal to the fire fighting. Great difficulty. 2. Poor fire resistance, easy to form large area collapse. China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil is a non-combustible material at normal temperature, but when it is fired, the strength will drop rapidly. Especially in the case of a fire in a large-span building, the color steel components are easily deformed and deformed by high temperature, which leads to the collapse of the building.

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03/04/2019 7:03 pm  

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