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Difference between GL Galvanized Steel Coil and aluminized plate  


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The high-quality GL galvanized steel coil is aluminum-silicon alloy coated steel plate, in which the content of aluminum is 90%, silicon 10%. GL Galvanized Steel Coil has good heat resistance, heat reflection, and corrosion resistance, and its mechanical and physical properties are better than cold-rolled steel plate. Because of the superior performance of the aluminized steel plate, it has been widely used in our daily products. Such as car muffler, household appliances and so on.

Characteristics of aluminized plate

1. High-temperature resistance: because of the specific combination of steel plate substrate and coating organization, the formation of an iron-aluminum alloy, so that the aluminum plate has excellent high-temperature resistance. Extremely high reflectivity is guaranteed at 450℃. At higher than 480℃, coating appearance gray. When the temperature is up to 650℃, the protective layer to prevent the oxidation of the steel plate is still well preserved without any shedding.

2. Thermal reflection: at 480 degrees Celsius high temperature, aluminum plate can reflect 80% of the incoming heat. Therefore, aluminized plates can be made into efficient insulation barriers or heat reflectors for high-temperature applications, which rapidly increase the temperature in the furnace through effective heat reflection.

3. Mechanical strength: at room temperature, the mechanical strength of an aluminum plate is consistent with that of the substrate. At the same temperature of 480℃, the strength of the GL Galvanized Steel Coil is 10 times that of aluminum plate, so the thickness of the steel plate can be reduced by at least 30%.

4. Corrosion resistance: in the process of hot-dip plating, molten aluminum immediately react with oxygen in the air to form a layer of Al2O3 protective layer, so that the surface of the steel plate immediately passivation. This protective layer is very stable and does not dissolve in water. Even if the surface of the steel plate is scratched later, this protective layer can heal itself. Therefore, the aluminized plate has strong corrosion resistance to chemical corrosion

5. Ecological characteristics: aluminum plate without chemical passivation has no impact on health and can be used for food processing. Testing reports from many professional groups confirm that it is environmentally friendly. Aluminized plates are completely recyclable. Aluminum plate and stainless steel comparable but the price is only about one-third of stainless steel, is widely used: 1, car, motorcycle muffler, exhaust pipe, oil tank. 2. Combustion furnace, heat exchanger, dryer, air conditioner, etc. 3, domestic water heater, gas stove, bread box, chimney, microwave oven, food processing machinery, electric oven, cooker. Can also be used for building cover plate, walls, ceiling, and other heat insulation components.

6. Others: standard MAG and TIG welding can be used. It can be used for drawing, stamping and tube drawing. The coating has durable luster, better corrosion resistance, and weathering resistance. GL Galvanized Steel Coil is an important alloy material which is often used in daily life. Aluminized zinc steel plate is composed of aluminum-zinc alloy structure, which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 2% silicon solidified at 600℃. The whole structure is composed of aluminum-iron-silicon-zinc, forming a dense quaternary crystal alloy.


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